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Our online, 5 part class, “How to Have an Indie Birth” is back from retirement due to popular demand! We are offering this acclaimed childbirth class series again, at a discount, until we have our new, updated class series ready. Women and families around the world have been learning, connecting and preparing through using these classes; whether they are planning midwife attended births, hospital births or freebirths. Maryn and Margo offer FIVE 1-2 hour long, complete audios in this series that takes you from pregnancy, through the labor and birth experience, into the time after baby comes. In addition to each class audio, there is a PDF workbook for further learning and introspection. All registrants get access to the secret Facebook community, as well as Maryn and Margo for questions. This is a revolutionary class focused on the brilliance of undisturbed pregnancy and birth from the perspective of two midwives. Whether you have not birthed before or birthed 10 babies, you will learn something in this class that prepares you for manifesting a powerful Indie Birth experience!


“”I kept thinking there was more I had to do. But in learning about birth, I’m realizing how much I DON’T have to do. And knowing as much as I can about it helps me be able TO not do anything” (from the husband of one of our enrollees).

“Maryn and Margo provided a truly stellar birth class for me. I am a mother of two children already, and I had taken 3 birth classes in the past. I am surprised by how much more informed I feel now about the process of birth. I always had a knowing that my body knew what to do, and now I understand that to be absolutely true. The class was open and explorative as well as packed full of useful information. Thank you so much for expanding my awareness of pregnancy and birth well over what I expected!”

“Attending these classes (“How to Have an Indie Birth”) gave me the information I needed and helped me to find the wisdom and courage inside myself to help my baby come peacefully and perfectly into the world. I wish every woman could take these classes! Maryn and Margo are informed, compassionate and empowering and will help you to be the same around birth!”


Whether you are a mama, or a midwifery student, or even an experienced birth worker who wants to explore the ins and out of postpartum hemorrhage… this is for you. Watch Maryn’s short video explaining the 4 areas of exploration of this online course. Once you register, you can complete it at your own pace, when it works for you to explore all that we have set up.


Have you ever wondered how, why, and when certain things like urine strips or fundal height would be necessary in pregnancy? Or are they? Do you know how to properly perform these “skills”, and do you know what the potential “results” mean, and how to respond to what you might find? This mini course is for women who are choosing to do their own prenatal care as well as for women that want to be more empowered and informed in the process of conventional prenatal care. Childbirth educators, doulas and and midwifery students would benefit from this discussion too!

Indie Birth Visionaries

Maryn Green has been in the birth world for over 13 years, and has been attending women as a midwife since 2009. She has written numerous blog posts and recorded over 140 (and counting!) podcasts on iTunes (“Taking Back Birth”) that encourage women and midwives to rethink what they have been taught, and re-connect with ancient wisdom in combination with current research and knowledge. Her motto; The woman is always the center of her spiral! Most passionate about physiological birth and the fate of future generations, Maryn has been taught by witnessing hundreds of undisturbed births, the best of which have been the births of her own 9 children. 

- Maryn

Margo came to the world of pregnancy, birth and babies by way of serendipity and a deep inner calling before ever being pregnant herself. During her college years, she was focused on the history and strategies of social justice activism, women’s personal and collective empowerment, and the development of her own personal vision for a healthy, just and sustainable community. She now brings that background and passion to her community midwifery.  She completed a traditional apprenticeship with Maryn from 2011 to 2016, and has been attending births as a midwife since that time. Celosia, Margo's daughter, was born at home in 2014, against all odds, and that experience has been the continuing inspiration for much of her work around concepts of risk, variations of normal, and woman-centered midwifery.

- Margo

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