The Journey of Becoming a Midwife

It is time to re-dream the future of birth & usher in a new age of what it means to do this work–to serve women as birth workers. It is time to break through the patriarchal structures we were taught to work within to something that allows us to learn and grow in a way more aligned with our true nature. It is time to move beyond the two-dimensional, rigid paradigm that devalues curiosity and creativity and rewards compliance.
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What Makes The Indie Birth Path Unique

The Vision

Traditional “midwifery school” focuses on teaching for a test, and ignores that true midwifery is a combination of mind, heart and spirit. Our work together will address all levels of your development from deep internal work extremely practical clinical skills.

How It Works

A variety of courses are offered each 10 week trimester on our teaching platform. Each course features expert perspectives and unique resources, including both video and written content. You will have opportunities for introspection, assignments, and challenges to synthesize the material.

Community of Sisters

It’s challenging to not feel like a “black sheep” in the traditional world of birth. You will leave our classes with a stronger sense of self, a clearer idea of your own truths, a path that is uniquely yours and a deeper bond to the greater Sisterhood.
Who These Courses Are For

Over time, women have lost their power in birth and midwives have become nothing more than paid medical agents of the State. We have created this learning opportunity YOU if you…

  • Hold inside a deep yearning to serve women from your heart, in a way that puts the woman and her child above all else.
  • Want to take full responsibility for your journey in birth work and reclaim the power you have given away.
  • Are looking for courses that will both challenge and inspire you.
  • Want to connect with a community that will support and encourage you!
  • Want the opportunity to learn from experts across the world who will expand your thinking about birth work.
  • Understand that necessary inner “skills” are required to navigate this path from your deepest truth and have a willingness to develop those in addition to clinical midwifery skills.

If this sounds like you, then the journey begins here.

How It Works

Indie Birth Visionaries

Maryn Green has been in the birth world for over 13 years, and has been attending women as a midwife since 2009. She has written numerous blog posts and recorded over 140 (and counting!) podcasts on iTunes (“Taking Back Birth”) that encourage women and midwives to rethink what they have been taught, and re-connect with ancient wisdom in combination with current research and knowledge. Her motto; The woman is always the center of her spiral! Most passionate about physiological birth and the fate of future generations, Maryn has been taught by witnessing hundreds of undisturbed births, the best of which have been the births of her own 9 children. 

- Maryn

Margo came to the world of pregnancy, birth and babies by way of serendipity and a deep inner calling before ever being pregnant herself. During her college years, she was focused on the history and strategies of social justice activism, women’s personal and collective empowerment, and the development of her own personal vision for a healthy, just and sustainable community. She now brings that background and passion to her community midwifery.  She completed a traditional apprenticeship with Maryn from 2011 to 2016, and has been attending births as a midwife since that time. Celosia, Margo's daughter, was born at home in 2014, against all odds, and that experience has been the continuing inspiration for much of her work around concepts of risk, variations of normal, and woman-centered midwifery.

- Margo

Current Course Offerings

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Speaking Your Truth; Content Creation For Birthworkers

“My bullets are my words and my words are my weapons…” as Nahko says in one of our favorite songs. If we want to change the face of birth, we need to be able to communicate our ideas with a huge audience, online and in person and for own own clients and the larger community.  Your words are MAGIC and we want to teach you how to weave them into the tools of the birth revolution. We are sort of experts in this here at Indie Birth and this course will help take your content creation skills to the next level.  We want you to be able to create great documents, articles, podcasts and videos to help tell the stories and build the public face of the new paradigm of birth.

Multidimensional Midwifery in the Prenatal Period

We will dive deep into all the complications that midwives MUST to be able to recognize even though we rarely see them. We will cover signs and symptoms, theories of etiology, relevent lab work, experiences and stories, case studies, treatments and therapies, co-care, and alternative perspectives. Pre-eclampsia/HELLP; gestational diabetes, preterm labor, pregnancy-induced hypertension and other complications will be covered. This course encourages you to think outside of the box and explore these hot topics from a variety of viewpoints. Great for student midwives or practicing midwives that want to get the newest information from the Indie Birth perspective.

Seeing Beyond Our Own Experiences: Cultural Awareness, Diversity, and Midwifery Care

It is important that we be able to work respectfully with people from many different religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders and ethnicities. We will go over the basics of sociological thinking (the study of people in groups) and how it applies to our work as midwives. We will explore how we can work with people from all different backgrounds, and we will think through how our own backgrounds and privileges might influence the way we midwife, and how others engage with our work.

Lactation Science + Breastfeeding Support

This foundational course on breastfeeding will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to support your clients. Learn what is normal and expected in the earliest days postpartum, as well as common challenges and red flags. Jacqueline will give you a vast toolkit of natural and holistic ways to resolve most breastfeeding problems with your clients. You’ll work through case studies, build your counseling skills, and dive deep with herbal knowledge and how it relates to milk production.

Skills Prep Course

This course will take you through the what, when, how and most of all WHY (or why not!) of all the basic midwifery hands-on skills. You will finish this class having a solid understanding of the best way to take a blood pressure reading, why we listen to fetal heart tones, how to insert a urinary catheter. We hope these initial teachings provoke questions about deeper learning that you will bring to our in-person workshop. If you are just taking this course to review hands-on skills, it will prepare you for testing and becoming more proficient.

Midwifery Herstory

I invite you on a journey through time…We’ll trace how birth changed from “social birth” in the Colonial period of the American history to a birthing woman being “alone among strangers” in a hospital. We will meet heroes: Anne Hutchinson in the 17th century, Hanna Porn in early 20th, and Raven Lang in 1970s, as well as some villains, including Dr. DeLee, who believed that birth was a pathology, and taught doctors to “rescue” birthing women by drugs, routine episiotomy and forceps. It is my hope that, by the end of the course, the students will be able to re-dream midwifery, and to find a way out of the current mess.

Exploring The Divine Feminine

This course explores the concept and personification of the Divine Feminine through stories, art, sacred wisdom and self-reflection. The purpose is to highlight the sacred cycles that are uniquely feminine and that are crucial to understanding the model of sacred birth. This course is for students who want to explore the different aspects and archetypes of the Divine Feminine and how these beliefs can help us serve as midwives.

Plant Medicine

This course is a foundational class for exploring the myriad different forms of healing and medicine that our plant friends can provide us. The purpose is to provide basic knowledge about the different ways to prepare plant medicine and when or why we would choose one way over the other. You will be invited to develop a relationship with the healing plants around you, and look at your own connection to the natural world.

I feel strongly about women’s right to reproductive autonomy and this past year with IBMS has shown me the rite of passage that birth truly is. It has taught me so much about pregnancy and birth (more than I could have imagined and we’re only just breaking the surface), but most importantly, taught me so much about myself. This past year has made me a better person and it is thanks to the deep inquiry you and the Indie Birth team have asked of each of us. I cannot think of a better way I could have spent this special time. – Cassie Snyder
I am beyond thrilled with the quality of the classes offered at IBMS. They dive right to the heart of what is important in birth, and sculpt their classes for deep personal learning. They offer tools in each class to dig deep to personalize our midwifery practice & care we will offer women. They choose the best instructors available to share their skill, knowledge and wisdom. As a student finishing the first year, I cannot express how beneficial these classes are in preparing to serve women in the birth world. If these classes are calling you- say YES! – Valerie Weisner
I have to admit, I did not know what to expect when I enrolled with IBMS. In the past year, I have been challenged, enlightened, instilled with hope and passion, and have been surprised to discover things about myself that will pave my future as a woman and a Birth Keeper. I not only get to be involved with AMAZING classes which have set the bar very high for Midwifery education, but the community and relationship fostered is unlike any other learning experience. You will gain new insight and wisdom about birth and yourself, but you will also gain sisters. – Xeque

Women across the world are waiting

for you to help usher in the new birth paradigm

We consider it a great honor & privilege to help guide you on your journey. Let’s get started.